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Dementia Education and Resources

Empowering dementia care partners.

Bambu Care exists to empower and support dementia care partners around the world by providing you with the skills, knowledge, and resources you need to feel confident on your care partner journey.

Nobody cares.

"I have no help."

This is hard.

"I have no idea what I'm doing."

My heart is broken.

"I can't deal with this anymore."

We get it.
Dementia can be challenging.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and having a hard time taking care of someone that has dementia? Do you feel stuck figuring out how to deal with certain dementia-associated behaviors? Or, could you be struggling to connect with your loved one with dementia?

“Come on, please just take one bite.”
"I just told you, don’t you remember?”
“Why do you hate me so much?”
“You aren’t allowed to drive anymore.”
“But you are home, this is your house.”
“It’s 3 am, please go back to bed.”
“You’re retired, you don’t have to go to work.”
“What? I did not steal your wallet!”
"No, stop! That doesn’t go in there!"

We can help with that. Let's care together.

As your trusted dementia care consultant we aim to provide companionship, knowledge, and resources to help you gain a little more peace of mind.


Bambu Care Champions

A free community tailored for support and care — because dementia care partners need love and support too. Bambu Care Champions is more than a Community, it's a Safe Space for care partners around the world.


What the Dementia

We discuss important dementia-related issues and challenge certain dementia care practices.



New resources are posted monthly to help you be the best dementia care partner possible.



Read up on important dementia-related topics from our podcast and gain new insights.



Shop quality products created with all dementia care partners in mind to help you succeed.



Gifts allow us to make more valuable content to better support and empower care partners — every penny helps. Let's care together and make a Bambu difference in the lives of those impacted by dementia.

I'm not alone.

"Bambu Care is always here."

It is okay.

"I will learn as I go."

I am grateful

"I can still create moments of joy."

The Kickoff.
A good place to start your journey.

Here you will find helpful information and tips to help you get the most out of Bambu Care and your dementia care journey.