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Bambu Dozens

Puzzles designed with joy in mind for changing minds.

Dozens is your monthly box of joy and connection. We're not just about puzzles, we're about helping you create moments of happiness and shared experiences — one puzzle piece at a time.

Crafted with quality, love, and care in every piece.

Our 12-piece puzzles are designed to be more than just a pastime. They're a tool for creating engaging experiences, reminiscing, and connecting through a shared activity. Each piece is a step towards a sense of accomplishment and a moment of joy.

12-Pieces of Quality

At a size of 10" by 15" our 12-piece puzzles are not only thoughtfully designed but made with love.

Photo Cards

Our high-resolution Photo Cards in each box help make sure you always see the big picture.

Reminiscence Cards

Our puzzle specific Reminiscence and Conversation Cards make it easier to reconnect over memories.

Adapt It Cards

With our unique Adapt It Cards you'll have ways to make the puzzles easier or more challenging.

Designed to spark joy and connection.

Our puzzles are vibrant, high-contrast, and age-appropriate, making them accessible to a wider range of people with varying needs and cognitive differences. Take a look at our past puzzles.

Sneak peek of your next Dozens puzzle.

Dozens is all about fun, so here's a little riddle to whet your appetite for the upcoming puzzle. Can you guess what the name might be? Remember, every piece is a step towards joy and connection. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

"In endless grains, I stretch afar, Where sea meets land, under shining star. Home to shells and creatures small, A haven for those who answer the call. Footprints fade upon my floor, Waves crashing, forevermore. What's my name?"
Sneak peek image of Bambu Cares next Dozens Puzzle.

Who is this Dozens for?
The puzzle lovers.

Wondering if Dozens is the right fit? Well, our puzzles are perfect for...


Puzzle lovers who are frustrated by large puzzle counts or small puzzle pieces.


Individuals who want to experience opportunities for joy, engagement, and connection.  


Individuals with mid to late stage dementia.


Adults and children with intellectual disabilities.


Individuals who have experienced cognitive change after a traumatic brain injury or stroke.


Children 2 to 5 years of age.

Claim your Dozens puzzle, subscribe today.

To get Month's Dozens subscribe by Date.


$47.00 / month

1 New Puzzle Monthly
Puzzle Photo Card
Reminiscence Questions
Adapt It Cards (Easier/ Harder)
Shipping Included
No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime


Save $18

$123.00 / 3-months

1 New Puzzle Monthly
Puzzle Photo Card
Reminiscence Questions
Adapt It Cards (Easier and Harder)
Shipping Included
No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime


Save $42

$240.00 / 6-months

1 New Puzzle Every Month
Puzzle Photo Card
Reminiscence Questions
Adapt It Cards (Easier and Harder)
Shipping Included
No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime

Frequently asked questions.

We've got you covered with answers to all the frequently asked questions that you might have about Dozens, from subscription deadlines, shipping, subscription plans, cancellation, and more.

When is the deadline to subscribe for the next month's box?

You must subscribe by the last day of the current month to receive the next month's puzzle. For example, if you subscribe by March 31st. You will receive April's puzzle box.

Do the subscription plans include shipping?

Yes, all subscription plans account for a $5 shipping fee for each puzzle sent. There are no additional or hidden fees. The price you subscribe at is the only fee you will be charged on a monthly, quarterly, or biannual basis depending on the plan you selected.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged the day you subscribe. Then, depending on whether you selected the monthly, quarterly, or biannual plan you will be charged on the same day 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months from the original date you subscribed, respectively. In some cases, if you subscribe on the 30th or 31st you will be charged on the last day of the next appropriate billing period.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Yes, you can change your subscription plan in the final month of your existing plan by cancelling before the automatic renewal date and then subscribing to the desired plan.

What is the difference between subscribing versus purchasing individual puzzles?

With any subscription plan, you are guaranteed to receive each month's puzzle for the duration of your subscription plan and for as long as you are an active subscriber. Additionally, we are able to offer discounted quarterly and biannual subscription plans with included shipping. All active subscribers also receive a special discount code to use during our seasonal releases where they are able to purchase puzzles of interest that they may have missed due to subscribing later in the year. Active subscribers are also automatically entered into our triannual giveaway (every 4 months). However, in contrast, when purchasing an individual puzzle, you may experience longer wait times for our puzzles as we only release puzzles during a seasonal release around every 3 months. We are also unable to guarantee which puzzles will be available as subscribers are prioritized. However, regardless if you choose to subscribe or purchase individually, you will experience the same quality product!

What are seasonal releases?

Every 3 months or so, we release our puzzle designs to the "public", meaning outside of our subscribers. These are typically overstock puzzles from previous months. There is no guarantee that any certain puzzle design will be available, which is the perk of subscribing. You are always guaranteed the next month's puzzle when you are a subscriber. Also, active subscribers get an exclusive discount to use during our seasonal releases.

When will my first box ship?

Your first box will ship between the 15th and 17th of the next month. For example, if you subscribe in March your first box will be shipped between April 15th and 17th.

What if I just want one puzzle?

If you just want one puzzle you would subscribe to the monthly plan option. You will receive an email notifying you that your subscription has been setup. Within that email, you will see a button that says "Manage Payments." Select that button and it will take you to your subscription portal. Under the subscription tab, you simply click "Cancel" and confirm. Your subscription will then be cancelled (meaning you will not be charged again the next month or thereafter). We will be notified and you will receive the one puzzle you paid for when we ship out puzzles the following month between the 15th and 17th.If you need help, you can send us an email at

Can I skip a month?

There is no skip option at this time for any of our subscription plans. However, if you are subscribed to a monthly plan and do not wish to receive the next month's puzzle you can cancel before your subscription automatically renews and resubscribe when you wish to resume your subscription plan.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime before it automatically renews through your subscription portal. No refunds can be issued on current subscriptions and you will still receive any puzzles that you initially signed up for. For example, if you subscribed in February for our Quarterly Subscription, you will still receive a monthly puzzle for the months of March, April, and May even if you cancel your subscription. After you cancel, no additional puzzles beyond your current subscription plan will be shipped.If you need help cancelling, you can send us an email at

Where do you ship to?

At this time, the Bambu Dozens is only available to residents of the contiguous United States.