Using Dementia Care Cards to Improve Communication

October 13, 2023
March 1, 2023
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Bre'anna Wilson
March 1, 2023
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Do you find that others have difficulty communicating with your partner who has dementia? Maybe they don't even know your partner has dementia. Have you and your partner been in stressful or awkward situations because of this?

Our Dementia Care Cards provide a discreet and dignified way to let people know how to best communicate and engage with your partner living with dementia. These cards are perfect to use at social gatherings, medical offices, restaurants, hair salons, airports, convenience stores, banks, and everywhere in between. Pair our Dementia Care Cards with our Dementia Champion Buttons, 1 for you and 1 for your partner, to provide settle, yet effective public awareness while facilitating improved social interactions and a sense of normalcy for both you and your partner.

Pro tip: Traveling with a third party can make handing out dementia care cards easier.

  • For example: you and your person living with dementia and then a third party like a spouse, an older child, a family friend — anyone your partner also feels comfortable with.

Here are a 3 examples of how to discreetly give someone a dementia care card:

Grocery Store Scenario: Your partner has a basket of items and wants to independently check out. Take a regular coupon and the dementia care card with you to the store. You go first, and tell the cashier, "I just wanted to check if these coupons are still good because I couldn't find a date." The third party is helping the person living with dementia unload the cart.

Coffee Shop Scenario: Your partner wants to independently order their coffee. You place your order first with the dementia care card in hand and ask if they still accept this type of "gift card", while the third party helps the person look over the menu.

Restaurant Scenario:

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