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What the Dementia Podcast and

October 13, 2023
October 26, 2022
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October 26, 2022
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Nov 29, 2023

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Nov 9, 2023
Watch the video. is an "online membership community created by and for the Baby Boomer Generation." They exist to provide Baby Boomers with one trusted media source that meets this generation's growing interests and needs.

As a part of the vision, they work hard to find and attract professionals who are willing to contribute their valuable content to the knowledge base.

We are proud to announce that Bambu Care's founder and CEO, Bre'anna Wilson has contributed the What the Dementia podcast to as a part of their Podcast Hub. The What the Dementia podcast discusses important issues and challenging behaviors that dementia care partners may encounter along their journey. This podcast also demystifies certain dementia care topics and questions certain dementia care practices that may be better approached in a different way. The What the Dementia podcast's biggest goal is to integrate dementia care talks into everyday conversations.

If you are a Baby Boomer in search of relevant articles, podcasts, reviews, and resources definitely check out There is a lot of great content to explore.

If you haven't gotten a chance to check out our amazing podcast, What the Dementia, feel free to tune in at

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